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Company Profile

  Penglai Shuicheng Cast Basalt Pipe & Valve co.,ltd. (former Shandong Electric Power Penglai Cast Stone Branch) is located in Penglai, a fairyland on earth. The plant was founded in 1987. In 2006, it newly built a cast stone production line with the annual productivity of 10,000 tons with an investment of 24 million yuan. The plant ranks the top in the Asian-Pacific region in terms of production scale, product quality, technology, etc.
  Cast stone has superb abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Its service life is more than 30 times that of common non-metal materials. The single raw material basalt cast stone has more superior performance. By utilizing local rich basalt resource and advanced technologies such as low-temperature melting, rapid crystallization and continuous annealing, the plant can produce various cast stone products, wherein the super-large-caliber one-meter/piece thin wall pipe is its exclusive product.
  The plant mainly produces cast stone products including cast stone pipe、cast slabstone、cast stone powder;cast stone multiunit tube;forging and pressing clamping type flexible joint;wear-resisting residual cake valve;wear-resisting ball valve;wear-resisting coal dust valve;wear-resisting throttle valve;wear-resisting check valve;wear-resisting expansion piece;steel-plastic complex pipe;ceramic complex pipe,etc. The products are mainly applied to mines, electric power, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, building materials, etc.In recent years, the company has sold more than 1,000 kilometers of cast stone complex pipes, more than 60,000 tons of cast slabstones, more than 300,000 flexible pipe joints and more than 8,000 wear-resisting valves all around the country and some of its products are exported.
  The plant is located in Penglai Liujiagou Industrial Park. It has a floor area of 50,000 square meters, a building area of 20,000 square meters and 168 staff including 3 people with senior title, 9 people with medium-class technique title and 15 people with primary technique title. Now it has obtained more than 20 invention patents and utility model patents and been awarded “China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise”. Our products have won full approval of the market and the praise of customers. In line with the policy of “Survive by Quality, Develop by Innovation, User as Center, Credit as Tenet”, we wholeheartedly serve customers home and abroad.